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This last weekend my mom and I went antique shopping. I’ve been trying to collect mis-matching victorian tea cups and have been trying to visit an antique shop once a month to find one each time. Well this weekend I found not just one teacup, but two … because you cant separate a set! Oh and I also bought 4 little teaspoons … because you cant have proper tea without teaspoons! Oh no …. how did I suddenly become my mom?? My mom used to decorate our home in teapots, teacups, doilies, lace, etc – definitely a Victorian home environment. Well I swore I would have nothing to do with fine china and antique stores once I grew up and got my own place. And here I am … purchasing a lot of my decor from antique stores … and wanting a collection of tea cups so I can serve tea to our guests. Whaaaat??

So anyway, I also bought this super cool brass buck and key. Brass is so in right now … I couldn’t resist. So I paired the deer with my lamp that has brass accents. I put the key on my bookshelf.

And … my mom convinced me to buy 2 pairs of leather gloves. They were so cheap and fit my hands perfectly that I thought … why not? They pair very nicely with my winter coats. Too bad winter is over now – I’ll have to wait until next winter to rock them.

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