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It’s strange to think that I’m already in a new stage of life – babies! I still feel like I’m right out of college and am adjusting to even being married, much less bringing children into the world! But most of my brave friends are already moving into owning homes and getting pregnant, and I really couldn’t be happier for them (better them than me)!
One such dear friend is due to have her first baby in April (it’s a girl!!). And being a woman after my own heart, Mary wanted a Vintage themed Baby Shower. So a few of us put our heads together and scrounged up every vintage item we owned … and DIY’d anything we didn’t already have.
Amy created this “Baby Girl” garland to hang on the mantle. She cut burlap into flags and stencil painted the words onto it.
Rachel set up a yogurt bar which consisted of a large bowl of yogurt and side dishes of granola, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries to mix in. It was to die for! And check out those adorable cupcakes with safety pin toppings!
Rachel also brought her son’s baby bed into the dining room and made it the gift center! I love the onesies she strung above the bed as a touch of garland.
My contribution to the party was all of my vintage decor I’ve been slowly collecting. We created a tea station with a variety of teas organized in the file box with sugar and honey. I brought my fabric ball decor, vintage hankies and blankets, vintage looking books, pictures, china, and silk flowers.
 Rachel also had some fun games planned!
Game #1: Guess Baby Bouyett’s Due Date! Each girl had to choose one date for the baby’s birthday and stamp it with baby feet. Once Baby Bouyett arrives, Rachel will be mailing them their gift.
Game #2: My Water Broke! Rachel had found little plastic babies at the Dollar Store and froze each of them in an ice cube. Each girl had to take an ice cube and place it in their drink and the first one to have the ice cube melt to the point that the baby falls out had to yell “My Water Broke!” and she won the prize!
Game #3: Baby Memory! Rachel created a memory board with numbered envelopes. Inside each envelope was a word related to pregnancy and babies and the goal was to find 2 matching words. Each girl took a turn choosing 2 envelopes – if it wasn’t a match, the cards were returned into the envelopes and it was the next girl’s turn to try to guess a match! Once someone guesses two numbered envelopes that end up being a match, they received a gift (all gifts are chocolate/candy) that related to the match.
Example – Sarah chooses 2 envelopes which reveal to both have the word “Pregnant Belly”. Sarah wins a prize which ends up being a “Chunky Bar”!

Here is a list of possible pregnancy/baby words that correlate to candy bars that can be used in the Baby Memory game.
The Conception: SKOR
Pregnant Belly: Chunky Bar
Epidural or Grandparents: Lifesavers
Umbilical Cord: Twizzlers
Late to the Hospital: Rocky Road
Hospital Address: 5th Avenue
Choosing A Baby Name: Watchamacallit
Newborn Girl: Baby Ruth
Twin Boys: Mike & Ike
Triplets: Three Musketeers
10 Pound Baby: Whoppers
Preemie: Runts
Hospital Nursery: Cry Babies
Delivery Doctor: Butterfinger
Father or Dad: Sugar Daddy
Cool Mom: Peppermint Patty
Breastfeeding: Milky Way
Breast Engorgement or Dirty Diapers: Mounds
Hospital Bills or College Fund: 100 Grand
Bottle: Bottle Pop Candy
Mom Alone Time: Zero
Mom Nap Time: Take Five
Baby Giggles: Snickers

The afternoon was a lot of fun and celebratory of Mary’s upcoming arrival!

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