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This weekend, Wes and I were able to spend some quality time together. Something we don’t get to do often given our different work schedules and the busyness that is our lives. I was telling Wes that I don’t know how we are supposed to be able to fit kids into our lives someday when we are already so busy! I guess that is when you start prioritizing and cutting other stuff out.

So we made some home-made pizza, cracked open some wine and discussed our thoughts on our future, God, and our friends. What could be better?

Another thing I’ve been able to accomplish recently is an update to the porch! Here’s where we were before and where we are today:

It’s amazing how much of a difference flowers can make! I added Heather bushes to the barrels and Ranunculus to a metal flower box I had laying around. I had purchased it a couple year ago when it was on clearance from CB2 and had been using it to hold magazines and matches for the living room. When making plans to update the porch I knew I’d have to include it. The one thing I didnt love about the metal flower box was how silver it was. I wanted something a little rustier looking. So I spritzed the flower box with some black metallic spray paint to give it the look I was going for.
See the difference? I’m planning to do the same to the porch chairs as well to remove the super new shiny look from them.
I also created the same affect on these two metal wall art that I also had stored in a closet because I had no idea what to do with them. So I’ve brought them outside on the porch to match my metal planter. They were originally an ugly green color, so I coated them with silver spray paint and then again spritzed black metallic spray paint to give it the rougher look.
I still have a few more things I’d like to do to the porch, but in the meantime – it’s an improved happier spot to sit in than it was a couple weeks ago.

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