DIY | Twinkle Light Porch Canopy

Cost – $25

I am so excited to share today’s porch facelift that I’ve been working on!  A few months ago an idea came to me to add a little “sparkle” to the porch. I’m proud to say that this idea is not a replica from did  pinterest or any other blogs. As you know, I’ve been more into building things lately (here and here) which has really bolstered my confidence to keep trying to build more things. I’m even hoping to get a power drill for my birthday .. maybe even a nail gun?? Until then, I’ll continue to borrow tools from my neighbors.

I do get funny looks about working with tools … the other day I walked into Sears with my mom to help her remodel her bathroom and an older gentleman opens the door for us (oh why thank you!) and says “Now, what are two pretty ladies doing here buying tools??” I know he was just being nice, but was a little startling to hear. Haven’t we women come a long way in proving that we can do most things men can? Look at women like Ana White and Shanty2Chic who make such beautiful creations for so much cheaper than you can get at Pottery Barn or West Elm.

Ok back to the topic at hand. So I dreamed up a frame to hang from my porch ceiling so that I could string twinkle lights across for a canopy. I happened to have a $25 Home Depot gift card that my mother-in-law sent Wes and I for Valentine’s Day. She reads my blog and also loves working with her hands in building and gardening. It was so sweet of her to send us a little something we could use and that suited our interests (ok mine more so than Wes’ but you get the idea).

I am so so happy with the results. It looks so beautiful at dusk. Really this is so simple that anyone can do it. No building experience required.


  • Power-drill
  • Hammer
  • Corner brackets
  • Long nails
  • Wire ties
  • Screw hooks
  • Cheapest skinny wood cut to size
  • Twinkle lights!


  1. First I measured my porch ceiling to get an idea of how large I should make the frame. 8×2.5 – check!
  2. Ventured to Home Depot to purchase and cut my wood to size.
  3. Stained them – this step is not necessary as the wood is up in the ceiling and not very noticeable. However my porch’s ceiling is painted white, so I wanted the dark wood to stand out.
  4. Once the stain was dry, I nailed the pieces together to make the frame. I made sure the 2.5″ pieces hung out beyond the 8″ pieces of wood so that the twinkle lights wouldnt be able to slide off.
  5. Then I drilled the corner brackets into the corners of the frame to help keep it sturdy. Otherwise it is very wobbly and you could risk it falling apart as it is hanging.
  6. I then wrapped the twinkle lights around the frame.
  7. Drilled screw hooks into the ceiling.
  8. For this part you will need a friend. You’ll want to take the metal twisties and wrap it around the wood and the screw hooks so that the wood is tied onto the hooks.
  9. I plugged the lights into an extension cord and voila! A twinkle light canopy!

(step 3 – stain)

(step 4 – nail the frame together)

(step 5 – drill in corner brackets)

(step 7 and 8 – drill in hooks and add metal twisties to hang to the ceiling)


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