The Porch Facelift Begins…

You may remember thought I built a table for my porch last year. Now that Spring is here I’ve finally purchased chairs for the table so we can actually sit at it and enjoy the outdoors. I bought these two chairs from a flea market for $6 total. A steal if you ask me!

Having chairs to be able to sit out and enjoy the porch made me realize … this porch needs some serious work (see the wood on the barrels falling apart in the above photo??). So over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be working on giving this little porch a facelift. After all, it’s the only piece of our very own outdoors that we own, so we might as well do what we can with it.

Here’s the plan for the porch:
1. Flowers for the barrels
2. Upcycle the table by replacing the legs with metal legs
3. Stain the chairs
4. Darken the metal on the chairs
5. Add art on the wall

Stay tuned for an update on the twinkle light canopy that I built for the ceiling of the porch!

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