Lifestyle | We’re Moving!

It’s officially official! Wes and I just returned from signing a new 1 year lease in Irvington … and are currently cracking open a bottle of wine to celebrate! We couldn’t be more excited to leave our cozy (too cozy) apartment on the West side, to a much more spacious house on the East side! It’s a 4 bedroom home with a fireplace, built in bookshelves, window seats, porch, sunroom, upstairs loft master bedroom, basement, and perfect sized backyard. And the best part? It’s only $200 more a month in rent! Whaaatt?? Ok so I can’t wait to show you more pictures, but all I have is what was listed on craigslist below by two guys with modern, sparse decorating taste. I can’t wait to get in there and add my touches to it! Wes and I move in July 1st with a 1 year lease that rolls into month to month after that (couldn’t have asked for a better set up).

This move coincides perfectly with my desire to move nearer to my Mom. In case you hadn’t heard she has been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been given anywhere between 6-12 months to live (all dependent upon how she responds to treatments). You can read more about her story here. The 25 minute drive we currently experience is less than ideal, and in this house we are less than a 5 minute drive away!

God has been so evident in our lives recently that all the pieces are beginning to come together. When we first signed the lease for our current apartment, I had originally wanted a 12 month lease. At signing, they convinced us into a 14 month lease with the first 4 months half off. They require a 60 day notice of either resigning or leaving … and if we had originally signed the 12 month lease we would have resigned for another year 2 months ago … we didnt even find out Mom had cancer until a month ago! I cant imagine having to live 25 minutes away from Mom locked into a lease during this next year – thank you, Lord, for your foresight!

Anyone want to help us move in July?? 🙂