Sorry I’m not Sorry.

Saturday is the big day! We are packing our bags (and dishes, and furniture, and decor, and books, and movies and, and, and) and heading out to the new place! We both can’t wait! First because we are excited to be in the new place, two so that I can be a mere 5 mins away from Mom instead of 25 mins, and three so that we can leave our currently disorganized packed up apartment!

Sorry I’m not sorry, but I will not miss… 

Cigarette smoke infiltrating our bedroom from the people downstairs.
The scent of weed drifting through our porch door from our neighbors.
Late night radios blasting from the cars outside.
Random notes from the apartment complex telling us our porch is in unacceptable condition … and then not taking the time to reply back to us to tell us why it is unacceptable.
Kids screaming near my bedroom window during a Sunday afternoon nap.
Creepy men standing in front of my front door talking on the phone.
Using the guest bathroom shower as a storage unit.
Geese squawking and pooping everywhere … and flying up to our 2nd floor porch!
Nowhere … nowhere at all to work on projects!
Driving/walking to our mailbox. We’d wait at least 3 weeks to pick it up… oops!
Renting a washer and dryer – waste of money!

Ok, fine – there were a few positives to our apartment.

The view from our porch!
The sound of the waterfall in the spring and fall outside our porch door.
The window seat in our master bedroom. Oh wait, we’ll have TWO window seats in the master bedroom at the new place… 😉
The double sided fireplace – I’ll especially miss the wood burning aspect of it. The new place’s fireplace is electric.
The coziness of the small place – yes both a negative and positive.
The pool! Although I wasn’t able to take advantage of it often.
And other things we didnt even realize were available to us at the club house until we turned in our termination – tanning bed, pool table, lounge room, etc.

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