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It’s been a crazy couple of months in the Hamerstadt household with the recent move to the Irvington house, a major market launch at work, 10 day vacation with the family, and what feels like so much more! Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat … and Pinterest projects? Forget it!

I did snap a few photos this week of the current state of the dining room to give you a snapshot of what’s going on in there! But before we jump into those, here is a look back at what this dining room look liked from the previous renters.


This dining set (and the size of the room) is a massive upgrade from what we had in our last apartment (this older blog post¬†shows a few shots of our previous dining room). It may not look like a large dining table compared to what many homes feature today, but comparatively, it’s huge to us! In fact, our first dinner at the table together Wes and I sat on opposite ends at the heads of the table … and quickly felt there was too much distance! So we now sit at the corner of the table together. ūüôā You can see a sneak peek into the kitchen and the hallway from the dining room in the below photo.

This table has been sitting in my mom’s basement for over … 6 or 7 years now … and when we were moving into this place, I knew it was time to brush off the cobwebs and let this baby shine again! The top is a beautiful solid wood that just needs some refinishing. The green on the chairs and table’s legs I could do without, but it works for now. When I have enough time again, I’ll probably paint them a brighter color.

Wes purchased this chandelier for me a few years ago when we were dating, and it has finally found it’s home in this dining room. It definitely makes a lot more sense in here than it did in our tiny apartment.

I consider the dining room the “brass room” while the¬†living room¬†I consider the “silver room”. I feature all of my brass items here which gives it what I think is a modern colonial look. I purchased the below candlesticks from a recent “Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace” from none other than one of my co-workers who had a booth at the show!

Speaking of colonial, when we were moving all of our furniture into this house, Wes had to stop at his dad’s place to pick a couple items. He then texted me a photo of the gorgeous below dresser with the message “my dad says this is mine, are you ok with that?” My immediate response was “ummm yes!!” I was a little sad to move my¬†upcycled dresser¬†out of it’s prominent spot in the dining room, but I couldn’t pass up this gorgeous antique that has been in the Hamerstadt family for over 100 years!

Oh why hello there more brass! My vintage file drawers look much better in this room on this dresser than they did in my previous kitchen. Ahh everything is coming together. perfectly.

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