Save the Pink Bathroom!

This house has several quirks about it that makes us turn our head … but perhaps the quirkiest of its quirks is its … pink bathroom! This bathroom features a pink sink and pink tub. But our house is not alone … there are millions of pink bathrooms in the world! Back in the 1940’s the boom of pink bathrooms started and continued into the 60’s. While popular in the mid-century, alas they are now frowned upon with despair. When I first saw the pink bathroom during my tour of the home, I thought it was hideous! The previous renters tried to modernize something that wasn’t meant to fit into this day and age.

But as I surveyed this hideous bathroom and tried to figure out how to just – go with it – I realized I already had the¬†perfect¬†bathroom set to really make this bathroom shine! And now … I love it! The pink bathroom is now a talking piece (in a good way). In fact, I like it so much that even if I owned the home I wouldn’t remodel the bathroom.

In fact, I’ve pledged to “save the pink bathrooms”. There is a huge community of passionate decorators who believe in preserving the mid-century pink bathrooms. Who knew?

Here is a photo of how the previous renters went against the pink bathroom’s style. Eck!

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