My Favorite Spot “in” the House

Most people don’t like to play favorites and instead opt for a more neutral approach to life. Me? I’m FULL of favorites. I have favorite friends, favorite foods, favorite movies … and the list goes on. Name a topic and I probably have a favorite. In fact, I’m that person who goes to a restaurant and orders the same dish every time … because it’s my favorite!

Well in true fashion, I have a favorite spot “in” my house – the front porch. We sit out here as often as the heat will allow us! Whenever family or friends come over we inevitably find ourselves on the porch. For awhile though I had only two small chairs out on the porch so we usually had to drag bright Kentucky blue lawn chairs to the porch which killed the aesthetic look.

Recently, I was able to secure a chair swing for $20 from Craigslist. I’d been on the search for awhile, but only found them for $100 … a bit out of my price range given that I don’t have any idea if our next house will have a covered porch to sport a porch swing. I LOVE LOVE having this porch swing. It makes our relaxing porch even more relaxing! The swing also allows for more conversation now that our two small chairs can be centered around it. You can watch the short clip below of how I pretty much spent my weekend welcoming Fall.

We’ve also been updating the exterior of the home with perennials in the flower bed, updated mulch (black instead of red), and flowers for the porch. As you can see, the mums on the porch haven’t faired so well with the excessive heat, so I need to replace those in the next couple of weeks … but other than that the flowers have been doing pretty well (thanks to my daily watering of them)!

And this, my friends, is my favorite spot “in” the house. 🙂

Things still left to do on the porch:
1. Purchase an outdoor rug
2. Porch swing cover
3. Re-stain the porch swing
4. Replace 2 chairs with mom’s wicker chairs
5. Replace side table with a wire cable spool.

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