How to fix the robot vacuum only and most effectively

The robot wet-dry shop vacuum appears on the market as a milestone for the rapid development of intelligent tools, helping to make human life more modern. However, it is a smart device, so when an error occurs, users are often confused about how to handle it. In the article below, we will guide you on how to fix common mistakes in the robot vacuum cleaner the simplest. Let’s find out now.

The cause, expression and how to fix some common errors of robot vacuums

Although highly appreciated for its quality and durability, it is difficult to avoid the mistakes arising while using the wet-dry shop vacuum. In addition to the serious mistakes that you need the help of a technician team, there are some simple errors you can fix right at home.

The wet-dry shop vacuum does not advance, cannot back

This is quite a standard error in any robot vacuum. While in operation, the brush is still sweeping, but the machine is unable to move forward or backward.

  • Cause: This error may be due to the wheel is stuck by foreign objects, or after a period of use, the wheel hubs are broken or dry so the wheels cannot turn.
  • How to fix: You turn off the device and turn upside down to check the location of foreign objects such as hair, feathers, paper, wire wrapped or not. If you don’t have a screwdriver, open the bottom cover to check the wheel shaft, apply a little grease to the shaft to make the wheel rotate easier.

The machine made a squeaking noise

For families using robot vacuums, it is no stranger to the squeaky sound while operating. This is considered as a smart signal from the machine when it needs help from humans.

  • Cause: When the device emits a whistling sound, the brush cannot be operated. And the principal purpose of this is hair or hair or string tightly tied to a bush.
  • How to fix: The remedy is quite simple; you need to turn your robot upside down, remove the foreign object in the broom.

Error light

For those who use intelligent vacuum cleaners, the error of the machine error lamp is causing them to encounter the most nuisance.

  • Cause: When the indicator lights appear red Error or E5, the reason comes from the software of the machine.
  • How to fix: If you do not have the knowledge in electronic boards, the safest and most effective way is to bring the device to a service center for repair and fix them.

The Clean button appears yellow, red

When this occurs, the machine capacity will be reduced, the machine works slower or even can not work.

  • Cause: Only one leading reason is the battery. A low battery or battery bottle, the device will appear in this condition, even when it is just finished charging.
  • How to fix: Check the status of the battery; if the machine lasts about 2-3 years, you should replace the battery to ensure the performance of the invention, do not force the charger. Because when the battery is charged, the battery is not sufficient, on the contrary, it also makes the machine susceptible to fire due to the heat generated when charging.

The device does not return to the charger itself

One of the most common errors when using a wet-dry shop vacuum is that the machine does not respond to the charging dock when the battery is low.

  • Cause: It may be due to placing an obstacle in front of the charging dock so the device cannot return before the battery runs out. Or the charging stand is too close to the stairs; the sensor system of the machine will not allow the device to approach the area. there.
  • How to fix: Please remove all the obstacles around the charging dock, or move the charging base away from the stairs area, put the device within 1.8m the method will automatically return to the charging dock position to recharge.

How to handle when the robot vacuum generates errors

When you find a problem, you need to control the following order:

  • Put the phone to check

You need to immediately stop the machine from checking the cause of the error that has just occurred, to prevent your computer, press the Clean button on the device, or the phone.

  • Preparing errors and giving solutions

You need to check the machine, diagnose errors arising, and provide corrective measures (if any).

  • You bring to the repair center, warranty if the fault is too severe.

Grave errors, absolutely you should not repair it yourself, but take the device to a service center for repair.

In conclusion

With the above information, all of them can help you fix some common errors when using the wet-dry shop vacuum. Therefore, you do not have to spend extra time or cost to the repair and warranty center. I hope you are successful.