Design | Our Living Room

It’s been a little over a week since Wes and I have moved into our new (rented) home. It’s been a busy week what with the 4th of July and traveling to see friends at a lake house for the weekend. But it’s finally starting to feel a little like home here. And in my nieces words, “This home is beautiful! Can you stay here forever? Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!!”

We shared this image on instagram last week in our excitement, and I’m pretty sure it led people to believe that we bought a home (oops!). But alas we are still renters. This is just not the right time in our lives to purchase a home as right now our focus is on my mom. The chalkboard message you see in the below photo was left by our new neighbor who is a school teacher (hence the graph equation) and is a handy man (hence his access to the house). We have the best neighbors. On our first day here, our next door neighbors brought over a housewarming gift and neighbors down the way came over to greet us to the neighborhood.

So… instead of one giant post sharing all the photos of every room in the entire house, I thought I’d do a post of each room so as not to overwhelm you … or myself. So let’s start with the living room! It’s by far my favorite room in the house, and in the best shape so far from unpacking.
We loooove all the bookshelves in this house. Built in bookshelves decorate a whole wall and frame the fireplace in the living room. We also have multiple built in bookshelves in our upstairs master suite. I thought we owned a lot of books and movies until I tried to fill up all the bookshelves. I used up all of our books on the living room alone … and still didn’t fill all the shelves! I love how my huge coffee table spool actually flows really well in the room. I originally thought this move would be the ideal time to get rid of it and upgrade to something more sophisticated … but I just couldn’t. It looked too perfect in this room … and to be honest I seriously love the thing. Since it’s just a janky wooden spool, we don’t have to use coasters for drinks and it’s ok if it gets dinged up. Perfect coffee table, right?
Above is another shot of the room that includes a bit more of the fireplace. It’s a smaller living room … or as my nieces would describe it, “Ohhh I love it, it’s so cozy!!”… but it works for us. Wes and I can work out together at the same time and that’s really all the room we need. The leather couch is a new one for us. We purchased it from the previous renters for really cheap. It’s crazy comfortable.

The above shots are what is currently on the shelves other than books/movies of course. I took whatever decor I had leftover and arranged them accordingly. For the first time in my life, I dont have left over decor to store. In fact, I need more! Yikes!

Here’s a shot of the fireplace alone. (Excuse my poor iphone 4 camera – it takes terrible photos.) I decided to try my hand at colorblocking the fireplace bookshelves. I really like the affect. It’s a little hard to tell in these photos (again crappy camera) but all of the blinds in this house are white plantation blinds. They are gorgeous! So the plan for curtains is that there are no plans. We are going to keep the main floor of the house curtain free!

Here’s a view from the other corner of the room. You can see a quick preview into the dining room. Those pillows on the leather couch will be the death of me and my need for orderliness. Every time we leave the room I have to prop those pillows back up just right. SMH So what’s missing from this living room? More seating!! Having one couch allows for more room to move around but is difficult when having family over to be in one room. You should see us all squashed like sardines on the couch to watch a movie – me, wes, mom, chandler, taylor. It’s a sight!

And here is where you see that we have a bit more work to do. To the left of the photo you will see our “mail center”. Our mail gets dropped off into that red mail slot where it falls onto the bookshelf. How’s that for door service? In the corner where you see the computer monitor, we are considering putting a desk there. We definitely have room for an office (4 bedroom house for just us two!) but we like the idea of having one fully functional space. We’ll see…

And that is the living room as it is today! The Living Room was my first priority in unpacking and I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Here are the things I’d still like to do in the living room:
Add computer desk and chair to corner
Add love seat and/or armchair to the room
Basket for the mail
More pops of color in the decor
Purchase additional West Elm paper flowers for the vase on the stool
Large cream shag rug for the floor
New lampshade for the green lamp