DIY | Build Your Own Shelf

After building my first ever project (my porch table), I got the bug and wanted to try my hand at building something else. Because … if I can build a table I can build anything right? Well …. let’s just say this one was a good effort. For my porch table project I used a project plan provided by someone who knew what they were doing. This time, I totally winged it. I didn’t have plans drawn up… I didn’t copy someone else’s. I just had an idea in my head as to what I wanted – some combination of metal and wood. I also scoured online for tutorials and how-to’s and they all weren’t very helpful. But I’d built a table so of course I could build a measly little shelf! Turns out … it was harder than it seemed! The top shelf is a little wobbly and the pipes are a little uneven/crooked … but to the naked eye it looks ok.

On to Home Depot Wes and I went …. yes I dragged Wes into this and he went along … kicking and screaming! He hates Home Depot. A lot. In fact, he tweeted the following while we were having what I thought was so much fun shopping for our supplies:

How could Wes and I be more opposite? I think Home Depot is fun! So anyway, to build yourself a table like mine you would need the following supplies:

Cost: $30



  • 1/2 inch black metal pipe
  • Wood cut to size
  • 3/4 inch drill bit
  • Rubber Bands
  • Stain for the wood
  1. Now I have to admit the instructions are not very good, because like I said – we winged it. Wes and I measured out where the holes needed to go, drilled the holes, realized the holes in each piece of wood didn’t line up, tried to make the holes bigger so they’d line up, yada yada yada.
  2. Then we pushed the pipe into the middle shelf and to keep the middle shelf from slipping down the pole (not that it would because the holes were so tight), we placed rubber bands under the shelf.
  3. Then we shoved and twisted the pipe into the bottom shelf, and placed the top shelf on top.
The end. Again I would not recommend that anyone actually build these shelves the way I’ve instructed – but if you are itching to build a shelf and this will do.. then go for it!
(check out these fancy rubber bands holding up the middle shelf)
Here are some photos and links to the blogs of the shelves that inspired me to build my shelf: