DIY Tutorial | Beginners Guide to Building a Table

Cost: $50 

I’ve lived in my apartment since getting married for 4 months now and my small 2nd story apartment porch has not been a priority for me. That is until I planned a Fall Party for this upcoming weekend. My sad porch only recently featured 2 barrels filled with mums and a hanging planter. Nowhere to sit and relax to enjoy the outdoors.

There are a lot of things on my bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish sometime in my life … and building something from scratch was definitely one of them. I’ve never taken a woodworking class, never even watched someone build with wood before. But this weekend I decided to replicate Diary of a Preppy Mom’s foyer table which I had discovered on Pinterest. I tweaked a few things to her design to make a bigger table for my porch. Seriously, if I can do this … so can you! It was much easier than I expected… and also made me realize how overpriced furniture is.

Here it is! Now I just need to get some chairs for the table…

To start I had to break out my math skills and determine all of the measurements. This porch table is a bit bigger than the tutorial’s foyer table. So I chose the following measurements. Through google searching, I found that a standard table is 30″ tall and a bar table is around 40″ tall.

  • Four
  • -> 28″ 1×3 pine (the legs)
  • Four -> 4′ 1×6 pine (for the top)
  • Two -> 16″ 1×6 pine (for the short sides of the “box”)
  • Two -> 3’10” 1×6 pine (for the long sides of the “box”)
  • One -> 3’5″ 1×6 pine (for the long side that will go in between two of the legs)

You’ll also need the following:

  • Powerdrill
  • #6x 3/4′ Construction Screws
  • #8x 1 1/4′ Construction Screws
  • 4 brackets

I don’t have my own table saw and don’t plan to purchase one anytime soon, so I went to Home Depot and selected my wood (I was pretty excited as you can see) and then they cut it down to size. They have the cutting listed as 50 Cents a cut, but for some reason they only charged me for the wood.

When I got home to get started, these two came over for moral support!

To start assembling you will want to take the two 16″ 1×6 and the two 3’10” 1×6 and fit them together in a square. Then apply the brackets to the corners and screw them in with the 3/4″ screws.

I then screwed the four 28″ 1×3 legs (2 screws on each) to each side of the box and then placed the one 3’5″ board in between the front two legs to give it that seamless look. Here is what it looks like without the leg. As you can see – the leg will fit perfectly next to it. I didnt do the same to the back since nobody would see it.

And the last step is to screw the four 4′ 1×6 boards to the top! I made the box underneath smaller than these four boards so that there will be an overhang for the top.

And that’s it! Easy, right?? And for only $50! I dont think I’ll ever be able to purchase wood furniture in-store ever again. With the table fully stained, it turned out a little more country chic than I like, so I may paint the legs and sides white and leave the very top stained to give it a more modern look. But that is for another day.